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Immigration to Germany inside of 3-4 months!


We will help you to get German residence permit without investment and business setting up!!!

There are some categories of citizens, who can immigrate to Germany under the simplified procedure. Having arrived there, they get a residence permit and then German permanent residence.

And what is about the rest? This restless time forces our compatriots to change their residency.Иммиграция в Германию из Украины

There are several legal ways to immigrate and be admitted to citizenship of Germany. As a rule, these offers are appropriate for the students, recent immigrants, Jews, also there is the so-called labor immigration or you can marry a German citizen or set up your own business.

If you are not the Jew or German, and are not going to study, the first three options of being admitted to the desired German citizenship for you are tightly closed.

Labor migration to Germany  

is not a simple procedure, as at first glance it seems to be. A lot of legal obstacles are match for your employment in Germany.

In order to be employed in the enterprise, the German employer has to prove your superiority among the applicants from Germany and the EU. Otherwise, he will face serious legal trouble, because the Germans do not want to share their workplaces with foreigners.

Getting married to a German citizen

Gaining German citizenship getting married is quite unreliable. Even if you find a German, who agrees to have a fake marriage with you, it is necessary to remember that after at least two years of “happy marriage” you will not lose the residence permit upon divorce. But if immigration commissioner thunders down the deceit examining your case, you will not only lose the chance to gain German citizenship but also be declared undesirable in Germany for at least five years.

Apart from the risk not to pass the documents inspection, all of these two years, your soul mate can blackmail and extort more and more money just for the silence. And you will have to pay to avoid the divorce and not to farewell your dream of living in Europe.

Business setting up in Germany. Business immigration

In our opinion, investment immigration is the most unprofitable way to gain German citizenship. The procedure of business registration is really simple and not burdensome. However, to seek the permanent residence you have to carry on real business in Germany, but not just submit the reports.

You are to have the employees, managing director, accountant, office. At the end of each year you have to declare a substantial income and pay 63% of taxes. To conduct the small business your monthly expenses for salaries, rent, various taxes amount to at least 3.500-4.000 euro. Moreover, to develop business in Germany the required initial investment is about 300,000 euro. Your annual expenses will be 40.000-50.000 euro.

And now you are to think about possibility to earn this money for the first five years. If your business is only self-sufficient and does not produce a heavy profit, a residence permit in Germany will be not extended neither for you nor your family.

In other words, the residence permit extension entirely depends on whether your company is able to pay enough taxes. The cost of residence permit registration for the business immigration is not low, and could range from 29,000 to 45,000 euro.

However, you shouldn't despair. The legislation provides the procedure of gaining German citizenship for financially independent people (not confuse with business immigration).

So how can you gain a German citizenship?

Our company since 2008 helps only financially independent people

to immigrate to Germany !!!

More than 50 families have already used our services!

“Buy German passport” or “Buy an EU passport” - surely you have often met similar headlines. But it’s not legitimate and in the case of fraud detection you will be in the EU black book. It is not worth to commit the infraction, as there is an absolutely legitimate way to gain what you want.

The law of Germany secured the opportunity for wealthy foreigners to stay in the country and live in Germany at the expense of income from the property.

It is realized quite simply. Having arrived to Germany, the first thing you need to do is to rent or buy an apartment / house. Then you are to effect an insurance policy for all applicants, open an account in your name in any German bank and deposit 150.000-250.000 euro for 3-4 months, depend family size (the period of the registration process). This amount will be enough for a family of 4 persons. In addition, it is desirable for you to have in your ownership a house or apartment, or other assets, anywhere in the world. This will be the confirmation of your financial independence. Our lawyer will prepare for you a package of necessary documents. They are filed to the Department of Immigration in that Germany city where your property is.

The total period of registration lasts for about 3-4 months. It is impossible to estimate the exact timing, as a large number of illegal immigrants recently arrived in Germany and the Department of Immigration is full of applications.

The completion of documents on immigration to Germany will be conducted by highly experienced German lawyer. This lawyer with thorough knowledge of the German immigration legislation will be able to properly use the law and to acquire for you the desirable residency status in Germany at minimum cost.

During the registration and after getting a residence permit you can live and work where you currently are and arrive to Germany only 1 time in 3-4 months.

The result of our work is your residence permit in Germany get as soon as possible.


Nobody will up an offer better:

- Your interests are under the German legislation protection

- The turnaround time is 3 months

- The most favorable service price

- The knowledge of language isn't required

- There is no need to move house and work

- The real estate purchase or business setting up isn’t required


Immigration to Germany. Price?

You are interested in the cost of paperwork to get German residence permit, aren’t you?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to set the service flat rate. The price depends on several factors such as timing, structure and age of your family members.

It is safe to say that our offer for you will be the most favorable of all possible, both at price and time!

Additional services. Adaptation services

In addition to paperwork on gaining German citizenship, we are happy to assist you in renting or buying a property in Germany, place your children in university, school and kindergarten, prompt you how to get the health insurance on favorable terms, if necessary we will help to register the company of any property category. In some cases we will provide assistance in employment.

Traditionally the residents of Moscow immigrate to Germany more often than ones of other regions, but this tendency now changes and the number of applications for Germany residence permit from St. Petersburg or other regions of Russia go from strength to strength. It is connected not only with the country’s situation, but also with desire of different segment of the people to twist fortune with Germany.

Earlier the immigration to Germany was accostable more often for Moscow residents than for others. But today the service price is quite available for all representatives from the other regions.

This program is available to all, regardless of your nationality or place of residence. In which city would you not lived what nationality would you have not had in any case we will help you obtain a residence permit in Germany.

Besides the immigration to Germany we suggest you to consider the option of immigration to Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Australia, Cyprus and Canada.

Want to know more? We are ready to help you! Call and text us!!!



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